Jeni Barnett – aka The LBC Idiot – No Debate Here

Well now, following the debacle of her recent broadcast, in which the LBC Idiot and Vaccination Denier managed to make a complete and total fool of herself, she now reveals herself to be one of the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever come across.

As at about 22:00 UK time on 8th February 2009, the blog post consisted of more than 100 posts, including at least one entry purporting to be from the disgraced medic Andrew Wakefield…

18. At February 5, 2009 7:50 PM Andy Wakefield wrote:

“Dear Jeni,

I would like to send you a pdf that may help you with any hostility from the MMR posting. Do you have a email adrdress that I can send it to?”

But don’t bother clicking on any of the links I’ve put in above, because the (in her own words) “responsible… professional broadcaster”, has removed  all traces of the blog posts recording her failure as a broadcaster, professional anything or even responsible human-being.

Now, all we have is a post which, in one part, states…

I am interested in the debate not a witch hunt.

Should anybody from BAD SCIENCE read this I urge you to continue the debate, and if it gets too heated there is always the option of turning me off.

Posted by Jeni in | 5 February 2009

Of course you wanted the debate Jeni, that’s why you deleted it!! Elsewhere on her blog, Barmy Barnett states…

Acting is all about honesty, if you can fake that you can fake anything.

UK TV presenter Jeni Barnett’s blog.

You can say that again. Carry on faking the honesty Jeni, you’ve shown yourself up to be exactly what you are.

You call Ben Goldacre a “Bad Scientist” – what kind of broadcaster, journalist or even person does this show you to be?

I will attempt to cross-post this entry to Jeni’s blog – like my last two cross-posts, I’ll put a fiver on it never showing up over there.


This is also interesting. Guess what you get when you try and post to her blog entry (linked to above)…


“Somehow, the entry you tried to comment on does not exist.” Just about sums it all up really doesn’t it? Idiocy and ignorance masquerading as public service broadcasting, hypocrisy and deceit masquerading as open debate.




Head on over to The Quackometer at…

For a full record of what was on the LBC Idiot’s blog before it was deleted! Excellent work – I should have known that somebody would have gotten to the Google cache in time. A quick check of the truly excellent Holford Watch and I was pointed to exactly the right place.

If anybody wants a full copy of the blog, in all it’s unedited glory (no censorship here), click on the link to the *.pdf file below…


Have a read – all the posts are there from the two main threads, some are quite cogent and rational. Others are, well, you decide.

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